Utah Leaders for Health was formed within the Utah Department of Health. Stakeholders from a variety of sectors interested in improving the health of Utahns including business, university, public health, health care, and government convened periodically. Two subcommittee groups (Healthy Eating and Active Living) were formed.

January 2015

Greg Bell, CEO of the Utah Hospital Association, was asked to chair the organization.
Utah Leaders for Health was pulled out of the Utah Department of Health and established as a non-profit organization.

July 2015

A Stakeholders Retreat was facilitated by Envision Utah. Nearly 50 key leaders from throughout the state met in groups and brainstormed strategies to improving nutrition and physical activity.

October 2015

Sarah Hodson, MS was hired as the Executive Director.

April 2016

Utah Leaders for Health changed its name to Get Healthy Utah.

May 2016

A follow-up Stakeholder Retreat was held, over 80 participants representing a variety of sectors met to discuss strategies for moving forward.

Utah Leaders for Health was changed to Get Healthy Utah.

December 2016 – February 2017

Get Healthy Utah contracted with Envision Utah and Heart+Mind Strategies to conduct the first ever Utah Health Values Study.  Focus Groups and an online survey were administered to a representative group of Utahns.

April 2017

The 3rd Get Healthy Utah Stakeholders Retreat was held.  Over 100 participants learned about the Get Healthy Utah Values Study results and how to implement the findings in their own work.