Year: 2017

Younger Next Year

A few year ago, my brother gave me a copy of Younger Next Year, by Chris Crowley, a retired New York trial lawyer and Dr. Harry Lodge of Columbia University Medical Center. The book has become a cult classic among Baby Boomers. Dr. Lodge became concerned about the many unhealthy patients he was seeing in […]

7th and 8th Grade Utah Students Need Art, PE, and Health

Get Healthy Utah is concerned over the Utah School Board of Education 2017 decision to eliminate the requirement for health, PE, and art in 7th and 8th grades.  The research is clear.  Health, physical education, and physical activity benefit students.  In fact, research has shown positive relationships between physical activity and academic achievement, test scores, […]

Get Healthy Utah Values Study: Utahns are not as healthy as they think

  Utahns are in denial.  In the first ever Utah Health Values Study (2017), Utahns underestimated the level of overweight and obesity in Utah.   On average, Utahns think only 45% of people in Utah are overweight or obese.  In reality the rate in 2016 was closer to 60%. Utahns incorrectly categorized their own weight.  For […]

Results of the First Ever Get Healthy Utah Values Study

In 2016 Get Healthy Utah contracted with Envision Utah and Heart+Mind Strategies to conduct the Get Healthy Utah Values Study.  This study is the first of its kind to look at values related to healthy behaviors.  The values research process began with in-depth in interviewing in December 2016.  These interviews explored thought patterns and associations […]

Make Now the Time to Get Healthy

By, Greg Bell (Originally Published 2/17/17 in the Deseret News) “If you have your health you have everything.” Or so we’ve always heard. Good health is foundational to many important things in life — work, maintaining your home and yard, playing with your kids and grandchildren, active leisure, traveling and touring, serving others and myriad […]

People Powered: 2017 Utah Bike Summit

Active transportation (human powered forms of travel such as walking, cycling, skating, etc.) provides a number of benefits to individuals and communities.  Study show that cities with more active transportation infrastructure have lower rates of obesity than cities with no active transit.1  Regular biking has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and […]