Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice on the Job

February 6, 2017

by, Monica Whalen, Utah President, Mountain States Employers Council

It’s been one month since New Year’s Day. How are you doing on keeping your resolutions for a healthier lifestyle? Are you still getting up an hour earlier to fit in that workout? Are you still planning ahead to prepare healthy home-cooked meals? It can be a challenge to stick to the lifestyle changes you pledged because so many of us have hectic, busy lives. If you are like most adults, you spend the majority of your waking hours at work and the reality is that you have little time to squeeze an extra hour out of the day or create space for more time consuming efforts like cooking at home.

So, perhaps the better approach is to resolve to make healthy changes that can be accomplished on the job! It can be more convenient and achievable to incorporate healthy changes during the work day. Set yourself up for success by making the healthy choice the easy choice. In 2010, Governor Herbert presented the Governor’s Work Well Recommendations that outlined 10 steps to a healthy workplace. You may find it is easier to keep resolutions that are incorporated into your work day. Pick one and work with your management to implement it today.


Governor’s Work Well Recommendations:

  • Offer healthy menu choices at each work meeting, conference, and training where food is served.
  • Post healthy eating messages in cafeterias, break rooms, and vending areas.
  • Work with vendors to include healthy options in cafeterias and vending machines, based on customer preference.
  • Encourage employees to exercise. Consider offering an exercise release policy of 30 minutes, three times per week, with supervisor approval.
  • Promote the use of stairs as a way to get more daily physical activity.
  • Encourage employees to walk, bike, or bus to work and, where circumstances permit, provide showers, lockers, bike racks, discounted bus passes, and flexible working schedules.
  • Educate employees about trails and pathways that are safe and near worksites.
  • Implement a Tobacco Free Campus.
  • Implement a workplace lactation support policy that is supported by management and communicated to all staff.
  • Establish worksite wellness councils to support healthy eating and daily physical activity.

The workplace can provide an excellent opportunity to educate and support employees in making healthy choices and positive lifestyle changes.


If you want to learn more about making a healthy workplace, consider attending the Utah Worksite Wellness Council Conference.
The Utah Worksite Wellness Council’s 2017 Annual Conference will be held on May 8-9, 2017 at The Snowbird Resort and Conference Center.

This year’s theme is Roadmap to Wellness. Whether you are new to wellness program administration or a seasoned professional, join us for a conference dedicated to helping you develop and maintain a successful wellness program.

Speaker topics will cover areas such as:

  • Building a program that fosters behavior change
  • Creating a wellness program that leverages incentives, insurance claims, and engagement
  • Recruiting internal wellness champions to propel a Culture of Wellness
  • Learning if your wellness program is legally compliant or a ticking time bomb

The Snowbird Resort is located in a refreshing mountain setting with world-class facilities, dining, and accommodations.  Discount room rates of $100/night are available for conference attendees from May 5 – May 10.