Juliana Preston

Comagine Health, Chief Operations Officer

As the Executive Director of Comagine Health (formerly HealthInsight), Ms. Preston provides leadership, serves as liaison to the Utah Board of Directors, and leads business development efforts. Ms. Preston’s passion is prioritizing the perspective of patients and families and she created Comagine Health’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). It provides an educated perspective of all patients and families by bringing authenticity, empowerment, respect, and inspiration to the design and delivery of health care systems and strives to improve the health and health care of the people of Utah. Comagine Health’s PFAC was recently awarded The Orme Partnership Award from PFCC Partners, California which celebrates respect, dignity, and support embodied in the provide-patient partnership.

During her nearly 20 year tenure at Comagine Health, Ms. Preston has led teams in nursing home and technical assistance, developed seminars in root cause analysis, health care quality improvement, and human factors science. She holds a BS degree, emphasizing Long Term Care, from Oregon State University and an MPA, emphasizing Health Policy, from the University of Utah.