The Benefits of a School Wellness Policy

What is a wellness policy? A wellness policy creates a safe and healthy environment for students and staff to practice lifelong healthy habits. The school community (which includes parents, students, food service professionals, physical education teachers, school health professionals, community health partners, school nurses, the LEA board, and administrators) is encouraged to participate in the […]

Utah State Board of Education Provides Best Practices for Recess

The Utah State Board of Education has provided Best Practice for Recess Guidelines. While not mandated, the guidelines support the Utah State Board of Education’s Strategic Plan Safe and Healthy Schools Goal that every student can learn in a safe and healthy school environment. Why Recess Matters Physical Activity and Obesity The CDC recommends that […]

Fuel Your Kids’ Future

Are you looking for a convenient and low-cost way to improve your child’s health?  Consider having your child eat school meals.  Research shows that kids who eat school meals eat more fruits and vegetables and have better intake of certain nutrients. Nutritious food, like fruits and vegetables and whole grains, help with brain development and […]

Get Healthy Utah Supports the Updated Core Standards for Health Education

Health education in schools is essential to improving healthy behaviors in children. In July of 2017, the Utah State Board of Education voted to update the Core Standards for Health Education for the first time since 1997. The new standards have added lessons for kindergarten through second grade and address the following six strands: Health […]

Utah Kids Need Recess

While more than 90% of elementary schools participate in regularly scheduled recess during the school day, since the mid-2000s, up to 40% of school districts nationwide have reduced or cut recess. As the nation moves to put more emphasis on the importance of standardized test scores and insisting that students need more time during the […]

7th and 8th Grade Utah Students Need Art, PE, and Health

Get Healthy Utah is concerned over the Utah School Board of Education 2017 decision to eliminate the requirement for health, PE, and art in 7th and 8th grades.  The research is clear.  Health, physical education, and physical activity benefit students.  In fact, research has shown positive relationships between physical activity and academic achievement, test scores, […]

Walking School Buses Can Improve Physical Activity and Safety

Walking and biking to school can help improve physical activity of children and parents.  Parents are often concerned with the safety of children getting to and from school. Providing adult supervision can help ease those worries for families who are within walking or biking distance to school. A Walking School Bus is a great way to […]