To effectively improve the health and wellbeing of communities and residents, it will take multiple organizations, sectors, and leaders coming together to engage in meaningful collaboration. Working together ensures that resources are shared, different populations are recognized, efforts are not duplicated, and strategies are more sustainable. 

All cities/towns must have a community coalition and at least 6 other strategies

(at least one from each of the 4 categories – Collaboration, Access to Healthy Food, Active Living, and Mental Health).


(A minimum of one from this category is required)

    In addition to the Utah Department of Health, there are 13 local health departments that cover all areas of the state. Local health departments offer many services and resources ranging from immunizations, environmental health, epidemiology, and chronic disease prevention. They can also provide technical assistance, training, and resources to support your healthy community initiative.


    Find your local health department

  • A resource page on our website to assist in accessing healthy food, physical activity, and mental health resources

    Residents of your community are probably familiar with using the city website to pay bills, stay updated on events, or search employment opportunities. Including health information on your website is an easy, inexpensive way to educate residents and provide them with useful resources.

    Potential information to include on your website

    • A calendar of community events
    • Blog posts from professionals
    • Community garden locations
    • Local farmers markets information
    • Local food bank information
    • Local health department programs
    • Map of walking and biking trails
    • Suicide prevention links
    • Transportation links

Example health related objectives

  • Build neighborhoods with safe and attractive places for social interaction and physical activity.
  • Increase access and opportunity to healthy foods for those in low-income neighborhoods.
  • Reduce residents’ reliance on motor vehicles.
  • Prioritize health in zoning, transportation, and developmental plans.
  • Adopt design standards or guidelines that incorporate green design considerations in the community’s development review process.
  • Improve existing park facilities and increase opportunities to create new parks, especially in underserved areas.
  • Work to preserve open space and connect trails and walking/biking paths.
  • Support and promote healthy eating initiatives and programs including local farmers markets, school meal programs, and community functions.
  • Encourage residents, local leaders, businesses, schools, and other organizations to collaborate and partner on initiatives that will improve the health of the community.
* Sources: Change Lab Solutions / Millcreek General Plan

  • Coordinated with the UDOT Move Utah Program to move active transportation planning and implementation efforts forward

    The Utah Department of Transportation Move Utah program is designed to empower local communities to improve active transportation through planning, events, education, and infrastructure development. Residents who have access to public transit, walking paths, and biking trails can be more active, healthy, and connected with their peers.


    Utah Department of Transportation Move Utah


    In partnership with the Governor, Bike Utah is helping Utah communities build 1,000 new miles of family-friendly bicycle lanes, paths, and trails.


    Bike Utah

Is your community doing other things that you think may qualify you for the Healthy Utah Community designation? Contact us at