Access to Healthy Food

Access to healthy food is linked to a lower risk of obesity and other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Only 14% of Utahns consume the recommended amount of vegetables, and only 35% eat the recommended amount of fruit each day. Many Utahns do not have access to affordable, healthy food and as many as 135,000 children in Utah are food insecure. However, communities can come together to make changes that make it easier for residents to access healthy food. 

All cities/towns must have a community coalition and at least 6 other strategies

(at least one from each of the 4 categories – Collaboration, Access to healthy Food, Active Living, and Mental Health).

My Community Has:

(A minimum of one from this category is required)
  • Provided financial incentives for a grocery store to locate in an underserved area

    Attracting new grocery stores to underserved areas can increase access to healthy foods and help improve the local economy.  Financial incentives could be financing or tax incentives that motivate a grocery store to locate in the target area. 


    CDC Healthier Food Retail Guide
    The Food Trust The Grocery Gap

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