City of St. George

Population: 84,500

Designation Year: 2021

The City of St. George has a LiveWell Coalition which regularly meets to discuss ways to improve the health of residents. The Coalition conducted a needs assessment of the health of the community to determine what residents need and want. The city is a major sponsor of the Switchpoint Community Resource Center, which addresses the health of individuals experiencing homelessness. St. George also supports the Doctor’s Volunteer Clinic, which provides health services for residents who cannot afford it. St. George has an active transportation plan and an extensive network of walking and biking trails, with wayfinding signage to encourage safe use. Access to healthy food is promoted through community gardens and a farmers market that accepts SNAP benefits.

Strategies Selected


A relationship with the local health department

Utilized and implemented strategies from an existing community health needs assessment

A moderate income housing plan

Coordinated with the UDOT Move Utah Program to move active transportation planning and implementation efforts forward

Access to Healthy Food

A farmers market that accepts SNAP benefits

A community garden

Active Living

A written guideline that promotes active transportation/physical activity for city employees

Free and/or low-cost community sports/fitness programs for adults and children

Conducted a walkability audit

Connected walking and biking trails

Provided guidance on joint-use agreements for facilities in their community that can be used for physical activity

An active transportation plan

Wayfinding signage that promotes active transportation

Mental Health

Offered Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) trainings

Promoted the use of the SafeUT app in schools and other community centers

Medication disposal services, locations, or programs