Kearns Metro Township

Population: 35,731

Designation Year: Fall 2021

Kearns partnered with the Utah Department of Health to support the “Kearns Health and Well-Being Initiative," which helps the city develop an integrated approach to improving health service delivery, access, equity, and quality. Kearns also has a thriving community garden, an active sports program, and offers a teen mental health program to students at Kearns High School. In addition, the city received several grants to combat substance abuse and address suicidal ideation in middle schools. The city’s general plan promotes a strong social and physical infrastructure, designed to make health-promoting activities accessible to all.

Strategies Selected


A relationship with the local health department

Health-related objectives in the general plan

Relationship with state health department

Access to Healthy Food

A community garden

Active Living

Free and/or low-cost community sports/fitness programs for adults and children

Mental Health

At least one evidence-based program or initiative that provides education, awareness, and training to community members around mental health

Teen mental health program implemented at Kearns High School