Magna Metro Township

Population: 26,949

Designation Year: 2021

Magna Metro Township is working towards a city design which supports active living. In addition to conducting a walkability audit, Magna has a general plan to expand walking trails, connect biking paths, and increase the community’s healthy parking signage program. Magna also supports healthy eating by providing a community garden, cooking classes taught by USU Extension, and a healthy afterschool snack program for children at the local library.

Strategies Selected


A relationship with the local health department

Health-related objectives in their general plan

A moderate income housing plan

Access to Healthy Food

A community garden

Kids Cafe: free afterschool snacks for children

Active Living

Free and/or low-cost community sports/fitness programs for adults and children

An active transportation plan

An ordinance that requires new subdivisions to provide sidewalks and lights

Mental Health

Promoted the use of the SafeUT app in schools and other community centers

Medication disposal services, locations, or programs

Gun locks available for free for community members