Ogden City

Population: 86,000

Designation Year: Fall 2021

Ogden has worked to enhance green spaces throughout the city, improve bikeability, and promote a pedestrian-centric infrastructure, which includes the establishment of a Safe Routes to School program. The city also conducted a needs assessment of food security among its residents. To improve healthy eating, Ogden developed an afterschool nutrition education curriculum for elementary students and hosts a farmers market that accepts SNAP benefits. Ogden’s community sports program is flourishing and there are numerous connected walking and biking trails in the area. The city does much to address the health, housing, and educational needs in underserved areas and supports programs offered by the local health department.

Strategies Selected


A relationship with the local health department

Health-related objectives in the general plan

A moderate income housing plan

Access to Healthy Food

A farmers market that accepts SNAP benefits

A community garden

Active Living

A written guideline that promotes active transportation/ physical activity for city employees

Free and/or low-cost community sports/fitness programs for adults and children

Conducted a walkability audit

An active transportation plan

Mental Health

Offered Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) trainings

At least one evidence-based program or inititiative that provides education, awareness, and training to community members around mental health

Promoted the use of the SafeUT app in schools and other community centers

Medication disposal services, locations, or programs

Gun locks available for free for community members