Vineyard City

Population: 18,000

Designation Year: 2021

Vineyard City’s general plan highlights the development of open spaces, parks, and trails, with the goal of having connected community parks within walking distance of all residents. Vineyard organized a Bicycle Advisory Committee, composed of resident volunteers with a passion for cycling. The Bicycle Advisory Committee advised the mayor and city council on bicycle infrastructure improvements and was instrumental in Vineyard City being awarded a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community designation by the League of American Bicyclists. To promote access to healthy foods, Vineyard sponsors a seed exchange program for all residents and has plans to establish a community garden and farmers market.

Strategies Selected


Health-related objectives in their general plan

A moderate income housing plan

Access to Healthy Food

Promoted a "Gardening in Vineyard" Facebook page

Hosted a seed exchange in city offices

Active Living

Free and/or low-cost community sports/fitness programs for adults and children

Connected walking and biking trails

An active transportation plan

Mental Health

Offered Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) trainings

At least one evidence-based program or inititiative that provides education, awareness, and training to community members around mental health

Medication disposal services, locations, or programs