Washington City

Population: 30,000

Designation Year: Fall 2021

Washington City is doing much to increase opportunities for physical activity. The city is building new parks, has a growing list of community sports programs for kids and adults, and is working to achieve greater sidewalk and trail connectivity. The city has also implemented the Outride Program for elementary and middle school-aged students, promoting cycling as a way to stay focused and active. Understanding that not all residents have easy access to bicycles, Washington City hosted a bicycle drive to collect bikes for residents in need.

Strategies Selected


A relationship with the local health department

A moderate income housing plan

Access to Healthy Food

A written requirement addressing healthy food and beverage choices in city/town-owned/managed facilities

Active Living

Free and/or low-cost community sports/fitness programs for adults and children

Connected walking and biking trails

An active transportation plan

Mental Health

Medication disposal services, locations, or programs

Gun locks available for free for community members