West Valley City

Population: 136,401

Designation Year: 2020

The coalition established low-cost fitness opportunities for residents including improving greenspace and partnering with local organizations to begin work on a parks prescription program. The coalition developed opportunities for nutritional education through community gardens, farmers markets, and nutrition classes. They worked to create fitness and wellness opportunities by focusing on specific populations including those with disabilities and veterans. The coalition provided swimming and other recreation classes for low-income and at-risk children.

*Logan, Spanish Fork, Vernal, and West Valley City were part of a pilot program sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare and the Utah League of Cities and Towns. The strategies completed in these pilot communities may not reflect the current Healthy Utah Community criteria.

Strategies Selected


Expand fitness opportunities for community residents and engage them in new and innovative ways.


Promote healthy nutrition through educational and other opportunities.


Create new fitness and wellness opportunities for specific populations.


Provide life-saving water skills to children, focusing on low-income and at-risk children.