Elisa Soulier

Board Vice Chair

Castell, Director of Health and Wellbeing

Elisa Soulier has a personal mission of relentlessly pursuing holistic healthcare for all; which includes work to continue integrating the valuable role of health coaches as part of mainstream healthcare. In her current role at Castell, she provides strategic support in the development, implementation, and evaluation of organizational initiatives and products related to improving health and wellbeing of Castell members and driving value-based performance. Prior to this role, she served as the Wellness Clinical Programs Coordinator at Intermountain Healthcare, where she was responsible for leading in development of health and wellness programs which address patient lifestyle behaviors and wellness needs along the care continuum related to prevention, acute care, and recovery.

Ms. Soulier has experience managing multi-stakeholder groups to ensure the provision of a more standardized approach to addressing lifestyle behaviors, optimizing clinical workflows to target lifestyle behaviors, expanding access to associated programs and services, and improving the patient experience. Her work represents a convergence of her passions and purposeful interests related to acting as a bridge builder between business and clinical care to deliver more holistic care for patients. Ms. Soulier had previously managed her own personal health coach business in Southern California and worked as Lead Bone Marrow Transplant Coordinator at Huntsman Cancer Institute. She currently also serves as board member with American Cancer Society and brings years of wellness programming and healthcare experience to that and Get Healthy Utah. Ms. Soulier holds a BS degree in Exercise Sport Science and an MBA from the University of Utah.