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What is Get Healthy Utah?

Get Healthy Utah is a nonprofit organization working to improve healthy eating and active living in Utah. Get Healthy Utah works with school, workplace, healthcare, and community leaders to influence system level change and provide better opportunities for health.

The mission of Get Healthy Utah is to foster a culture of health through engaging multi-sector stakeholders, building partnerships, providing resources, and connecting efforts that support healthy eating, active living, and mental wellbeing. We do this by:

  1. Engaging high level leaders
  2. Partnering with public and private entities
  3. Addressing health equity
  4. Collecting, developing, and sharing best practices
  5. Promoting systems level change
  6. Providing funds and other resources

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Our 4 Pillars

Where we live, work, and play has a significant impact on our health. Cities and towns can help to improve local health conditions in a way that helps all residents reach their full potential and live healthy lives. By working collaboratively, addressing access to healthy food and active living, and focusing on mental health communities can improve the health of residents.

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Latest Updates

March 25th 2023

Greg Bell

Greg Bell is the Get Healthy Utah Board Chair. Greg is president of the Utah Hospitals Association, and previously served as lieutenant governor for Utah.

Recent research in Great Britain...