Healthy Utah Community

Get Healthy Utah is excited to partner with the Utah League of Cities and Towns to support Healthy Utah Community, a new designation program for cities and towns. This designation recognizes communities across Utah that do an exemplary job of implementing evidence-based strategies to improve community health.

Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork

  • Population: 43,900
  • Designation Year: Fall 2020, Fall 2023
  • Spanish Fork was part of the original Healthy Utah Community designation pilot cohort. In Fall 2020, the coalition increased access to health information by creating a community Facebook page. They partnered with the Utah County Health Department to encourage and incentivize local childcare centers to become TOP Star certified and promoted healthy behaviors in schools through educational materials and events. The coalition encouraged active living by purchasing and installing outdoor fitness equipment and hosted community wide QPR trainings and provided education on mental health resources. 


    GOAL 1 Increase access to health information, resources, and those who feel invested in a cohesive community.

    GOAL 2 Increase the portion of youth who are engaged in active and healthy behaviors.

    GOAL 3 Increase the portion of the population who are engaged in moderate physical activity.

    GOAL 4 Increase the number of residents who have access to mental health care and resources.

    GOAL 5 Increase residents’ knowledge and use of existing parks, trails, facilities and health related resources within Spanish Fork community.

    GOAL 6 Increase collaboration of active and healthy community agenda with community partners and stakeholders.


    2023 Redesignation:

    To be redesignated in Fall 2023, Spanish Fork City formed a garden committee. In April 2022, the city opened a new community garden to the public! The city also modeled worksite wellness for its own employees and held a two-week worksite wellness challenge that centered around positive food habits, emotional health, and physical activity.