Where we live, work, and play has a significant impact on our health. Cities and towns are uniquely positioned to improve local health conditions in a way that helps all residents reach their full potential and live healthy lives. By building coalitions, working collaboratively, addressing access to healthy food and active living, and focusing on mental health communities can improve the health of residents.


Get Healthy Utah is excited to partner with the Utah League of Cities and Towns to support Healthy Utah Community, a new designation program for cities and towns. This program is designed to highlight the work being done in communities throughout Utah to support and improve the health of residents. The award will be given bi-annually at the Utah League of Cities and Towns Mid-Year and Fall Conferences. Best wishes for your success!

Application deadlines are March 1st (to be recognized in April) and August 1st (to be recognized in September).

Click below to learn about cities and towns that are designated as a Healthy Utah Community, what they did to receive the designation, and to watch the ULCT Conference award videos.