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Remaining Physically Active While Staying Home

Gyms, recreational facilities, schools, and extracurricular activities are cancelled. While we are all doing our part to stay home and maintain proper social distancing, it is important to be physically active. Physical activity improves muscle and bone strength, reduces risk of chronic disease, helps with healthy body weight, and improves mental health. Physical activity at any level is linked to a lower risk of early death. In times of high stress, physical activity is even more important.

There can be challenges to being physically active. With gyms and recreation centers closed, many people no longer have access to exercise equipment.  Families are trying to figure out how to keep kids active who are at home all day.  People working from home may find it difficult to have the motivation and energy to be active. But, being active does not necessarily mean running on a treadmill or lifting weights. Being active can be done by incorporating physical activity throughout the day such as going for a walk, making games out of chores, and even utilizing technology.

Below find a number of resources to help keep you and your family active!

Physical Activity Resources for Adults 

American College of Sports Medicine: Staying Active During COVID-19
American Heart Association: Create a Circuit Home Workout
CBS News: Exercises While Working From Home
National Council on Aging: Encouraging Older Adults to Stay Active and Safe
National Institute on Aging: Physical Activity
NY Times: Taking Care of Yourself in Coronavirus Quarantine
University of Utah: Healthy AlternativesUS Department of HHS

Physical Activity Resources for Children

Action for Healthy Kids
Active Schools: Resources to Get Kids Moving
Alliance for a Healthier Generation: COVID-19 Resources
American Heart Association: 25 Ways to Get Moving at Home
CATCH: Health at Home
Cosmic Kids Yoga
Go Noodle
Playworks; Game Archive
Shape America

Physical Activity Resources for Families

American Heart Association: How to Move More Anytime Anywhere
American Heart Association: Physical Activity Around the House
Fit Sanford: 5Ways to Incorporate Physical Activity
TrailLink: Find a Trail
USDA: Physical Activity
YMCA 360

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