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Utah Business of Health Event 2024

IMG 0493Get Healthy Utah partnered with the Utah Worksite Wellness Council and Utah Community Builders to host the second annual Utah Business of Health Event! The event took place on February 7th, 2024 at the Zions Bank Technology Center in Midvale. Event sponsors included GBS Benefits and Nivati.

The purpose of the event was to bring together business leaders from across the state to discuss the importance of promoting good health among employees, particularly mental health. Over 80 individuals attended, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of speakers!

Keynote Speaker: Nikki Walker, Director of Community Engagement and DE&I at Domo

nikkiNikki gave a moving address about the importance of supporting employees through mental health crises. As a high-level professional, she shared her own experience dealing with depression and anxiety, and her need to request professional leave while overcoming thoughts of suicide. She highlighted key resources provided by her employers that made her recovery and reintegration into her workplace a success, and challenged attendees to increase their own awareness of and empathy towards employees who may face similar mental health challenges.

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Stephanie Larsen, Health Equity (Get Healthy Utah Board Member)

Panelists: Catherine Van Tassell, GBS Benefits; Danielle Valdez, Huntsman Mental Health Institute; Sentari Minor, evolvedMD

IMG 0494Catherine Van Tassell, Danielle Valdez, and Sentari Minor addressed questions from moderator Stephanie Larsen on ways to create a workplace environment that supports mental health. Catherine Van Tassell shared the science behind resilient mental health and emphasized the role that exercise, healthy eating, and adequate sleep can play in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Danielle Valdez shared the importance of engaging company leadership in efforts to support mental health and advocated for effective campaigns that increase employee’s awareness of mental health resources. Sentari Minor highlighted workplace policies that help to prevent burnout and excess stress among employees, including paid self-care time and compassionate, wellbeing-focused interviews with managers. Following the discussion, the panelists took questions from the audience.

Roundtable Discussion

Attendees concluded the event with roundtable discussions, discussing what was learned during the event and sharing mental health needs and strategies found at their own companies. Participants spent the time networking and answering the following questions:

  • What is your organization currently doing to prioritize mental health in the workplace?
  • What would your organization like to do to prioritize mental health in the workplace?
  • What resources and support are needed to prioritize mental health in the workplace?


Participants left feeling motivated to promote employee mental health and were equipped with the resources and strategies to make a difference. We are grateful to everyone who attended and for the amazing partners, sponsors, and speakers who make this event possible!

Want to Improve Mental Health in Your Workplace? Try These Strategies:

  • Talk about mental health! Bring it up with leadership, ask how your employees are doing personally and professionally, or start a campaign at your organization highlighting the resources you offer.
  • Encourage at least one self-care practice every day!
  • Offer new training to leadership and employees! Mental health first aid, QPR, and more.
  • Revisit your work culture. Do employees have psychological safety?
  • Implement policies and strategies to improve wellbeing. These can include flexible work schedules, time and resources to access care, standing desks and walking pads, and starting a community engagement program.
  • Be a good human. Practice compassion and be an active listener!