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Utah Foundation Policy Report on Active Utah Communities

The Utah Foundation recently released a report, Healthy Communities: Advancing Wellness and Safety, focused on policy solutions for Utah communities to increase physical activity. The report is meant to be a guide for city and town leaders who want to learn more about real policies that have been successful in Utah and elsewhere.

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This report is the second in a series of reports focusing on how policy changes can improve health in Utah communities. Get Healthy Utah, with the support of a UCAN (Utah Cancer Action Network) grant, partnered with the Utah Foundation to help fund this report on active living, and an upcoming report on access to healthy food, which will be released in July.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • City and town leaders have many options to increase physical activity! Some solutions might be expensive, but others are low- to no-cost.
  • Utahns want more trails and parks in their communities.
  • Physical activity is directly linked to how we build our communities. We can make more walkable and bikeable communities by zoning reform, improving streets, and increasing safety.
  • Many Utah communities are already doing great work to get people outside and moving!

To learn more, visit the Utah Foundation’s website, where you can download the report now.

Report Policy Highlights