Past Projects

School Pantries

School Pantries

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Get Healthy Utah partnered with the Utah Cancer Action Network to promote school food pantries. Get Healthy Utah researched the landscape of school

food pantries in Utah and took note of best practices. We conducted interviews, visited schools, and created a database of food pantries across eight different school districts.

With that information, Get Healthy Utah created the Healthy School Pantries Toolkit. This toolkit contains tips and resources for Utah schools to form their own school food pantries. To date, Get Healthy Utah has distributed over a thousand toolkits.

Get Healthy Utah was also able to help many schools fill their own school pantries. In 2021, we donated to 22 school pantries, providing over seven thousand servings of fruits and vegetables and four hundred bags of produce to rural families. And in 2022, we donated to 35 school pantries.